What You Need to Know About Customer Service Training

Posted on 30 January 2021 (0)

As a shopper, you are probably aware that there are no tactics that might have stood out to you more than marketing tactics and customer service, that a business such as lawn care, or any other user on you. Customer service presents an opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers, solve problems, and show that they care. When customer service is well-executed, it can resonate with customers for a long time.

This shows the importance of training your team on matters of customer service. The service experiences you give to your customers will stick to them for a long time and leave lasting impressions. You should never make customer support to be an afterthought. Happy customers come from excellent services and will be your best advocates.

What is Customer Service Training

Customer service training is a form of coaching that employees receive with the goal of improving support and satisfaction among customers. It is an iterative process that involves teaching skills, competencies, and tools needed to create better customer service in the process of deriving more value from products and services.

Any employee that interacts and deals with a customer is eligible to receive customer support training. Customers present your best growth opportunity. This calls for the need for every employee to work hard to ensure all customer demands are met. Today, teams facing customers have different labels such as customer support, customer success, and customer service.

When looking to hire customer service, here are some of the top skills to look at.

Emotional intelligence

Your customer service teams will be dealing with various customer problems. You need to be able to patiently listen to your customers, and figure out any problem a customer is facing. Unfortunately, this is not a skill that comes with everyone. You must ensure your customer candidates display signs of emotional intelligence.

Good communication

If your candidates can’t clearly answer an interview question, how do you think they will be able to communicate with your customers? Customer service training can be crucial in teaching your team new and improved communication techniques to relate with your customers. New hires should be able to showcase their ability to simplify complex topics and teach others new skills. Your teams should be able to explain complicated technical problems to others who don’t have a technical understanding.


Resourcefulness is the difference between responding to a problem with “I don’t know” and “I will find out”. Problem-solving skills, initiatives as well as creativity are some of the few competencies that are related to resourcefulness. These are some of the skills that can be cultivated through customer service training. Your candidates should display a high level of resourcefulness or at least be willing to figure things out.

Additionally, passion should be part of what drives your team. You need to provide a service that delights your customers and turns them into promoters of your business. Ensure to display the right passion when interacting with your business. When hiring your team, ensure you subject them to test how passionate they are with your business.

Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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The initial part of starting a blog is normally the most complex yet exciting one. The importance of blogging can’t be overstated, whether you are blogging for personal reasons or whether you are running a towing service business blog. After you have poured in all the efforts in the ideation creation process, research, and targeting your market, your efforts will begin to pay off.

However, for your blog to pay off, there are certain steps you have to take, as they lay the ground for your success. You will need to have a blog promotion checklist that comes in handy in many ways. It will help you have less procrastination; it will give you better content management as well as better organization of your marketing. A lot of the success you achieve in your blog will narrow down how you structure your time and activities.

Here are some important tips on how to promote your blog;

Repurpose your content

Repurposing content requires you to have a re-imagination of your top posts and other types of content you place on your blogs. This will only happen if you have a clear sight of what you have published to your audience. You can fine-tune your blog through options such as adding infographics, YouTube videos, a podcast among others. You can also leverage the power of CTAs to encourage your readers to take action that you need them to.

Build links to your site

Once you have a clear idea of the ins and outs of the content you have, you can then start to build organic links. The power of ranking any blog lies in the organic links you build for your blog. Building links to your site is one of the best ways to ensure you’re cultivating a long term SEO strategy for your blog. There are different ways to build links to your site, and the best you can do is to explore all options.

Create UTM Links to track marketing campaigns

There is one technical opportunity you can capture for your blog, and that is creating UTM links. UTM links add some code at the end of your blog post URL and make it easy to monitor and track your marketing campaigns on Google Analytics. The use of Google analytics alone will only provide you with some simple metrics such as information on demographics of all visitors coming to your site, but if you want details, try UTM links.

Share your blog on social media

Sharing your blog on social media will always be one of the surest ways to promote your content. You will need to take time to cultivate a strong social media presence and ensure you are posting content frequently, content that resonates with your audience. You should also aim at increasing your followers on your social media accounts over time as these followers will be key to attracting their followers and sharing your content. Other tactics that would be useful include posting on Reddit and answering questions on Quora.

Essential Rules of Phone Etiquette

Posted on 12 August 2020 (0)

If you have ever been involved in customer support, then you probably know that answering calls is part of the job. Answering professional calls are very different from answering personal calls. You can accidentally slip up and respond to a customer the way you would do to your friends. When talking to towing services Albany customer support, I got impressed by the level of professionalism and phone etiquette exhibited by the person on the line.

Here are some phone rules you can follow to ensure you are on top of your game.

Answer a call within 3 rings

If you are in a position where you are available to your callers, ensure you answer customer calls within the first three rings. The last thing you would want is to keep a customer waiting on endless rings and even sending them to a voice mail. If your business is fast expanding, ensure you include a call center and hire competent call support specialists to deal with customer queries.

Immediately introduce yourself

Upon picking a phone call, you need to immediately introduce yourself to the person calling. In personal calls, it would be normal, to begin with, a simple hello and let the caller introduce. However, in a professional business setting, answer by saying hi, your first name, the company you work for, and asking them how they may want you to help. Doing so means your customer will be met by some level warmth which encourages a positive start to your call.

Speak with clarity

Effective phone calls require strong communication skills. The person on the other end of the line will judge you based on your voice, tone, and the way you express yourself. You should always try to speak as clear as possible. Ensure your voice projected and don’t shout. Have a strong and confident voice that ensures customers trust you.

Only use speakerphone when necessary

We have all had our fair share of speakerphones. With the use of speakerphones, you can use your hands to multitask and attend to an extended customer issue. However, for the other caller, it is like trying to hear one voice through a constriction. It can be quite frustrating and agitating. You only need to use a speakerphone when necessary. Always give your customers full attention and avoid speakerphones as much as possible. Doing so will make it easy for both parties to communicate more effectively.

Listen actively

Actively speaking and paying attention to your customers is a very essential process of effective communication. With active listening, you will hear everything a customer has to say and you will base your response from their comments rather than using a predefined script. Doing so will prove to the customer that you are present and emphatic about their inconveniences. It is also important to take notes during a support call. Use necessary tools that can record post conversation as well. Remain cheerful throughout the conversation, ask key questions to keep the conversation going, and always use emphatic, positive, and respectful language.

Understanding the Basic Needs of Every Customer

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Businesses need to understand the needs of their customers and deliver according to customer expectations. Every customer decides to commit to a business with expectations that their needs will be met. Charlotte towing service and other towing businesses that have mastered the art of satisfying customer needs continue to profit in their industries. A business is nothing without customers and this explains why businesses throw every resource available to ensure customer needs are met.

On the surface, the definition of customer needs is pretty simple. It entails the physical and psychological motivators that cause a customer to be willing to purchase your products or services. However, the deeper and practical aspect of satisfying customer needs has deep roots. Customers need to get value from the products and services they are purchasing. They need to experience convenient shopping wherever they are. They want to be listened to and deal with dependable brands.

Here are the basic needs of every customer.


Customers expect that the service they get to be of the same value of the purchase they are making. No customer expects to get poor service what they decide to do business with you. You should work to come up with pre-sale and post-purchase service strategies that meet your customer needs. When a purchase has been done, that should not be the end of interacting with your customers.


Every customer wants to feel they are getting value for their money. No one is interested to spend their money on a product or service that seems inferior. As a business, it is important to strike a balance between the quality of your products or service about the value customers are getting after meeting the price


The aspect of quality can’t be stressed enough. Customers are readily willing to buy a product they think meets the highest quality. They want the products they purchase to be functional and durable and serve them for long. This explains the rationale why tested and trusted brands continue to make huge profits as compared to new entrants to the market that are not tested. Manufacturers and distributors must produce products that live up to the expectations of the customer.


They were not wrong when they said actions speak louder than words. Customers have a preference for actions as compared to empty words. Whenever a customer has questions and issues that need to be addressed, the same must be handled immediately and satisfactorily and not mere promises that an issue will be resolved.


Nothing makes humans happy like a sense of appreciation. Simple actions such as a smile and words such as thank you goes a long way towards ensuring customers are happy and appreciated. Go ahead and personalize the services and products you offer to your customers. Customers need to know that they are appreciated every time they are doing business with you. Let your customers know that your business is proud to do business with them.

First Timers Guide to visiting New York City

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subwayIf you are planning on visiting New York City for the first time, our guide has the necessary things you need to know. When planning to visit this city, you need to clear your mind with ideas ranging from maps, where to stay, travel tips, what to eat and how to get around, be it using a public transport, foot, taxis and limo service. Visiting NYC on a budget can be a little challenging due to the wild spending nature while in the city.


About NYC

NYC is busy and brash with distinctive and iconic landmarks, lovely park with full of energy and excellent nightlight. The city has more than 6,000 skyscrapers, and the buildings are tall. Traffic is often at gridlock, and many of those looking forward to wandering around may prefer to explore on foot. A visit to NYC will make you experience the thrill of watching trees in Central Park change into their autumn shades. You can also shop in various famous stores or take a turn around the outdoor ice skating rink. Summer temperatures hit the 20s and early 30s, and this is a good reason to spend time in Central Park. Winter temperatures often drop below freezing point.


Getting Around New York

If you are not a big fan of Taxis and Limo Services, then the best way to get around NYC is to take the subway or walk. Driving and parking in Manhattan can be a nightmare. The NYC’s streets, except lower Manhattan, have a system of systematic, grid pattern. Streets run horizontally from east to west with avenues running vertically from north to south. The subway extends throughout the city, and you can download NYC subway app. There are equally many bike rental shops and kiosks for those who prefer riding along the streets.


Where to Stay

NYCIf you are looking forward to visiting NYC for a short break, the best option is to stay close to Manhattan, where the main action takes place. There are five-star hotels including the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue and The Queen. For mid-range, the Wellington Hotel is a decent three-star hotel to book. It is also within walking distance from the Central Park. If you are thinking of staying longer, consider the neighborhoods of Chelsea, DUMBO and the Greenwich Village in Manhattan.


Useful Tips

While in NYC, you will come across many top attractions, due to the city’s many films and TV shows. There is the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, 9/11 Memorial, the Ellis Island Museum among others. Visiting the city is a common practice during Christmas due to the discounted shopping. You can enjoy great outdoors by visiting the Central Park, the Hamptons, Coney Island, and the High Line among others. At the New York Art Center, you will be welcomed by Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Broadway and the Madison Square Garden.

For the lovers of sport, there is a lot to enjoy including the American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey. For the lovers of food, NYC offers all kinds of delicacies you can imagine. Famous eat outs include Eleven Madison Park, Peter Luger, Sardi’s, Balthazar, Grand Central Oyster Bar among others.