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Essential Rules of Phone Etiquette

Posted on 12 August 2020 by admin (0)

If you have ever been involved in customer support, then you probably know that answering calls is part of the job. Answering professional calls are very different from answering personal calls. You can accidentally slip up and respond to a customer the way you would do to your friends. When talking to towing services Albany customer support, I got impressed by the level of professionalism and phone etiquette exhibited by the person on the line.

Here are some phone rules you can follow to ensure you are on top of your game.

Answer a call within 3 rings

If you are in a position where you are available to your callers, ensure you answer customer calls within the first three rings. The last thing you would want is to keep a customer waiting on endless rings and even sending them to a voice mail. If your business is fast expanding, ensure you include a call center and hire competent call support specialists to deal with customer queries.

Immediately introduce yourself

Upon picking a phone call, you need to immediately introduce yourself to the person calling. In personal calls, it would be normal, to begin with, a simple hello and let the caller introduce. However, in a professional business setting, answer by saying hi, your first name, the company you work for, and asking them how they may want you to help. Doing so means your customer will be met by some level warmth which encourages a positive start to your call.

Speak with clarity

Effective phone calls require strong communication skills. The person on the other end of the line will judge you based on your voice, tone, and the way you express yourself. You should always try to speak as clear as possible. Ensure your voice projected and don’t shout. Have a strong and confident voice that ensures customers trust you.

Only use speakerphone when necessary

We have all had our fair share of speakerphones. With the use of speakerphones, you can use your hands to multitask and attend to an extended customer issue. However, for the other caller, it is like trying to hear one voice through a constriction. It can be quite frustrating and agitating. You only need to use a speakerphone when necessary. Always give your customers full attention and avoid speakerphones as much as possible. Doing so will make it easy for both parties to communicate more effectively.

Listen actively

Actively speaking and paying attention to your customers is a very essential process of effective communication. With active listening, you will hear everything a customer has to say and you will base your response from their comments rather than using a predefined script. Doing so will prove to the customer that you are present and emphatic about their inconveniences. It is also important to take notes during a support call. Use necessary tools that can record post conversation as well. Remain cheerful throughout the conversation, ask key questions to keep the conversation going, and always use emphatic, positive, and respectful language.