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First Timers Guide to visiting New York City

Posted on 13 March 2018 by admin (0)

subwayIf you are planning on visiting New York City for the first time, our guide has the necessary things you need to know. When planning to visit this city, you need to clear your mind with ideas ranging from maps, where to stay, travel tips, what to eat and how to get around, be it using a public transport, foot, taxis and limo service. Visiting NYC on a budget can be a little challenging due to the wild spending nature while in the city.


About NYC

NYC is busy and brash with distinctive and iconic landmarks, lovely park with full of energy and excellent nightlight. The city has more than 6,000 skyscrapers, and the buildings are tall. Traffic is often at gridlock, and many of those looking forward to wandering around may prefer to explore on foot. A visit to NYC will make you experience the thrill of watching trees in Central Park change into their autumn shades. You can also shop in various famous stores or take a turn around the outdoor ice skating rink. Summer temperatures hit the 20s and early 30s, and this is a good reason to spend time in Central Park. Winter temperatures often drop below freezing point.


Getting Around New York

If you are not a big fan of Taxis and Limo Services, then the best way to get around NYC is to take the subway or walk. Driving and parking in Manhattan can be a nightmare. The NYC’s streets, except lower Manhattan, have a system of systematic, grid pattern. Streets run horizontally from east to west with avenues running vertically from north to south. The subway extends throughout the city, and you can download NYC subway app. There are equally many bike rental shops and kiosks for those who prefer riding along the streets.


Where to Stay

NYCIf you are looking forward to visiting NYC for a short break, the best option is to stay close to Manhattan, where the main action takes place. There are five-star hotels including the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue and The Queen. For mid-range, the Wellington Hotel is a decent three-star hotel to book. It is also within walking distance from the Central Park. If you are thinking of staying longer, consider the neighborhoods of Chelsea, DUMBO and the Greenwich Village in Manhattan.


Useful Tips

While in NYC, you will come across many top attractions, due to the city’s many films and TV shows. There is the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, 9/11 Memorial, the Ellis Island Museum among others. Visiting the city is a common practice during Christmas due to the discounted shopping. You can enjoy great outdoors by visiting the Central Park, the Hamptons, Coney Island, and the High Line among others. At the New York Art Center, you will be welcomed by Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Broadway and the Madison Square Garden.

For the lovers of sport, there is a lot to enjoy including the American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey. For the lovers of food, NYC offers all kinds of delicacies you can imagine. Famous eat outs include Eleven Madison Park, Peter Luger, Sardi’s, Balthazar, Grand Central Oyster Bar among others.